My latest card designs and arty updates


Have you seen my latest card designs listed on Lovefromtheartist? I finally got round to uploading some of my artworks and editing them into card designs. They are now available in store and via the above link. 

I've been struggling to get time to paint new pieces recently which is strange considering i haven't had work for the past few months with my shop being shut (due to government restrictions). I've had the children home for most of the time and obviously i'm in the final year of my MA so I've been spending a lot of time studying. 

Today my shop has reopened and i will hopefully be inspired to get painting again during quieter spells. It is hard not to want to paint when you are surrounded by art and craft supplies! 

It's been lovely to see customers face to face again, i'm hearing that many of you have been having a lovely time getting creative at home during lockdown. Do feel free to share links to your art in the comments, i'd love to take a look at your work. 

Acrylic Experimenting - Purple & Blue Blooms

 Acrylic Experimenting - Purple & Blue Blooms

(Originally posted on my first blog in March 2019) 

This weekend I took some time to experiment with acrylic, not a medium I work in very often but I do enjoy practicing. 

The top piece was my favourite, I began with the central blooms but then repeated the design around the outside. I really love the composition of this and I will be working with this style going forward to refine it and see what I can create. 

The above piece I started with a very abstract background that had swirls of purple and blue. This the lead to swirl blooms and so I added leaves and buds. I don't think this piece is quite finished yet as i need to add another layer to the blooms. 

This piece began again with an abstract background, I then added leaves to the bottom corner which lead on to deeper purple blooms.

I enjoyed the process of working on these small canvases. Working with acrylic is very different to Watercolor in that each layer takes much longer to dry so I tend to have lots of different pieces on the go at once.

Abstract - What do you see when you look at this piece?


What do you see when you look at this abstract? 

Do you see bubbles, balloons, purple trees from above? 

Do you feel emotions rather than 'see' something, does it make you feel calm, confused, angry, happy, sad? 

Does it ask you a question, does is answer your question? 

Do you feel like each mark was made with purpose and meaning or do you think that these marks are a series of 'mistakes' that form to create an image of no real worth? 

Abstract art evokes different feelings in different people. Some people love it and some people hate it. I have always been fascinated by the affect of abstract art on its viewers. 

If you look at clothes and home interior designs over the recent years vibrant abstract designs have become something of a trend. I've noticed bold and bright abstract patterns on leggings, joggers, T-shirts and hoodies. Cushions, sofas and blankets. I wonder if the use of these abstract designs has effected the way that viewers view abstract art? Has it made abstract more relatable? More accessible? or has it had no effect at all.