Top 15 Ecofiction books you should read | Climate Fiction you should read

Have you heard of the genre Ecofiction or Cli-Fi (Climate Fiction) 

In the 1970’s a new type of fiction was said to have been born, one that linked with the developing environmental movement. In recent years there has been an increased interest in this area of fiction now named ‘Ecofiction’ (also referred to as climate fiction and ‘Cli-Fi’) a branch of literature that encompasses nature-oriented (non-human) and/or environment-oriented (human impacts on nature) works of fiction. Ecologically orientated writing has been increasing not only in the area of fiction but also in poetry, travel writing, life writing, nonfiction and academic writing. There are dedicated awards now which focus on books that feature nature and conservation writing including the Wainwright Prize, this highlights further that there is not only a growing interest in this area of literature but also an increasing amount of work being published

Take a look here at a selection of 15 highly recommended Ecofiction books 

One of my favourite authors has written two books, as part of a trilogy, which are eco-fiction / fantasy. Earthlings: The Beginning (book 1 ) and Dominion (book 2) are two books that I personally highly recommend reading.