TBR List

I'm going to do my best to keep a physical list here of all the books I have received or purchased that I would like to read, a 'To be read' (TBR) list. I won't get chance to update this daily, I will likely only get to update it once a month so there will be times it is a little out of date. I'll also include info on the books I am currently reading, often more than one at a time as i read different books depending on my mood. 

- TBR List - Last updated 1st September 2023 

Unravel me - Thereh Mafi / currently reading at home 
Fauna - Christine Vadnais / currently reading on work breaks 

Death of a bookseller by Alice Slater 
Heart of the sun warrior by Sue Lynn Tan 
A Dark Matter by Doug Johnstone
The Bill Chill by Doug Johnstone 
The Great Silence by Doug Johnstone 
Black Hearts by Doug Johnstone 
Suicide Thursday by Will Carver 
The Pain Tourist by Paul Cleave