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The Toll House by Carly Reagon

Thank you to the author Carly for sending me a copy to read and review before release date. It was great to have the opportunity to read this before it arrived in store so that I would be able to talk to customers about it. 

(From Gardners) 

The spine-tingling ghost story everyone is raving about: 'If you like a good ghost story put this chilling thriller to the very top of your reading list' Sarah Pearse author of THE SANATORIUM'Will keep you up long after the witching hour' Rebecca Netley author of THE WHISTLING'A satisfyingly good old-fashioned ghost story'Susan Stokes-Chapman author of PANDORA'I hoovered this up in one go.' Natasha Pulley author of THE WATCHMAKER OF FILIGREE STREET'A book that feels like it's watching you . . .

unsettling and gripping' Cari Thomas author of THREADNEEDLE________The past isn't always dead and buried. A house with history. That's how the estate agent described the old toll house on the edge of the town.

For Kelda it's the perfect rural home for her young son Dylan after a difficult few years. But when Kelda finds a death mask concealed behind one of the walls, everything changes. Inexplicable things happen in the house, Kelda cannot shake the feeling of being watched and Dylan is plagued by nightmares, convinced he can see figures in his room.

As Dylan's behaviour becomes increasingly challenging, Kelda seeks answers in the house's mysterious past. But she's running out of time. Because something has awoken.

And now it won't rest . . .

________'Beautifully written. Carly Reagon is one to watch.' C.J. Cooke author of THE LIGHTHOUSE WITCHES'Had me turning pages late into the night' Anita Frank author of THE LOST ONES'An edge-of-the-seat, nail-biting read.

I loved it.' Kate Hamer author of THE GIRL IN THE RED COAT


You'll be sleeping with the light on after reading this...

The book beings 'Twelve months ago'' where we meet Kelda and her young son Dylan who are about to view a house, the first chapter doesn't reveal much about what lies ahead but it certainly had me intrigued

The next chapter takes us to 1863 and a devastating turn of events. 

Chapter 3 brings us to the present, back with Kelda and from there we alternate between the present and the long ago past. In essence it is like reading two stories that merge together later in the book. Through both we learn about the main focus of the story, not a character, but a building. The Toll House. 

The author does a brilliant job controlling the pace, a nice slow burn to begin with that picks up pace and from there you won't want to break away from the pages. 

It was clever how the author used a combination of past and present to help us learn about the house and try to understand the strange things that were happening to Kelda at the Toll House. 

The end of chapter 37 is just, I don't know what to say without giving anything away, pulse rising. As the chapters go on you feel more and more unsettled. 

There were some great twists and turns and unexpected revelations. It was a great combination of historical crime and old-fashioned ghost story in a modern setting. Overall I found It a really great read. 

If you are looking for a spooky read, perfect for autumn I highly recommend giving The Toll House by Carly Reason a go. 

Star Rating 


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