15 Spooktacular books you should read this Halloween

If you are looking for a spooky read for this halloween take a look at this great selection of books sure to give you a fright! This list is made up of books that I've read myself and that others have recommended to me. 

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15 Spooktacular Books you should read this Halloween

There is nothing better than curling up with a good book and reading by candle light on Halloween. Well unless you include chocolate and sweets, that is likely to make it even better! I'm not sure which book I'll be reading this Halloween as I've already finished a couple of the ones I had planned to read, i just couldn't resist them sat there on the shelf looking at me. A particular favourite this spooky season was 'The Toll House' and last year i really enjoyed 'The Whistling' and 'The Spirit Engineer' 

There are so many other books I would love to add list but wanted to keep it short. I'll be putting together some other lists soon including a Thriller list, crime fiction list and at some point in November a festive list too. 

Have you read any of this spooky books? If you have, which was your favourite? 

Do you like to read horror and ghost stories? Is there are particular time of you you prefer to read them?