My 2021 bookish round up

It's nearly the end of the first week of January 2022 already, time sure does fly. I have only just got around to writing up my 2021 book round up.

It was a brilliant year for books and it was an especially exciting year for me as it was the year I finished and passed my Masters Degree in Philosophy which means I have even more time to read books of my choice. 

Another reason 2021 was so exciting was because I officially opened my bookshop 'Betty's Books' in Seaton, Devon. I've owned the shop at 30 Queen Street since 2014 and run it as an art shop that sold books alongside, this year I decided to split the shop space in half and dedicate half to a bookshop and half to an art shop. The shop has since had a full front renovation and new signage to reflect the change. It was super exciting and it means I can fill my days will everything I love. I spend 6 days a week here in the shop on my own so making the space somewhere I enjoy being is really important for me and my mental health. Despite the challenges of 2020 and 2021 (global pandemic) I really do feel like I've made progress with the shop and I hope that comes across when you visit. 

My 2021 book of the year was Earthlings: The Beginning by Ray Star. The second in the trilogy is due out this year and it is safe to say I'm extremely excited! 

I read so many brilliant books through 2021, some I loved, some I liked and some I found a little disappointing. One thing you can be sure of with my book reviews is that I am honest. I will always tell the truth about whether I liked a book or not, everyone is different and has different tastes so I will do my best to explain why whenever this happens as I don't want to put people off trying a book if it is something that would appeal to them. 

You can find a full list of my book reviews here on this page 

Some of the other books I read in 2021: 

The Whistling by Rebecca Netley 

I loved this one, I gave it 5 stars. Released in October 2021 it was the perfect spooky read. It is available here. 

I started the year by reading books by one of my all time favourite authors Cassandra Clare I read 'The Clockwork Prince' and The Clockwork Princess' I loved these like I do all books associated with the Shadow Hunters world. I went on to find 'The Magisterium' series that Cassandra Clare did with Holly Black. These were brilliant and though aimed at Young Adults I really enjoyed them. I actually recommended them to my son age 10 and he has started them now and seems to be enjoying them too. 

Another book I really enjoyed in 2021 was 'The Arctic Curry Club' by Dani Redd. As someone with a mental health condition I feel she did really well to explain what it's like to struggle with overpowering emotions. I rated this one 4 stars. 

I must say a big thank you to all the authors, publishers, marketing teams, book tour groups and anyone else who has sent me books to read and review over the past year. It makes me smile every time I get a book in the post. If I haven't read and reviewed a book you've sent me yet I will get round to it, they are likely on my TBR list which I hope I will fly through this year now I don't have to many large academic text books to read. 

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My 2022 bookish plans...

Well I've already read my first book of 2022 and reviewed it, you can read that here. 
I've got lots of Books on my TBR pile and I have some plans for the bookshop too which I won't reveal yet but please do check back regularly to see what I'm up too. If you have a book that you'd like me to review feel free to send it to me: 

Mrs Kerri-Ann Betty
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If you have a date you'd like a review uploaded by please let me know in a note, I'll do my best to accommodate.