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I'm currently in the final year of my studies for a Masters in Philosophy with the aim of completing my MA this academic year (2020/2021). I'm part way through my dissertation which focuses around the topics of aesthetics, environmentalism and ethics. Once I have completed my MA I'm keen then to progress onto a PhD though i may take some time to develop my academic writing for a few years before applying for positions. I have a variety of philosophical interests including: aesthetics, morality, ethics, environmentalism, mind, memory and emotions.

Here are links to some of my philosophical writing and past university essays: 

Art & Ageism

Is ‘the conceivability argument’ a proof of dualism

Is abstract really art?  

Evaluate Allen Carlson’s account of the objectivity of aesthetic judgements about nature. - Essay 

Explain the argument Socrates presents for the claim that virtue is knowledge. Is the argument successful? Answer with reference to Meno 86c – 100b. - Essay 

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