A Writer's Journal Workbook : Creating space for writers to be inspired by Lucy van Smit | Book Review


A Writer's Journal Workbook : Creating space for writers to be inspired

by Lucy van Smit 

Description (from Gardners) 
A writer will change and grow many times in their writing life. This Journal Workbook aims to champion this journey. It answers those tricky questions writers long to ask, shares secret practices to inspire their writing confidence, and free their unique gifts from common obstacles and writing worries.

In this Journal Workbook you will discover surprising new techniques from acting, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality to re-wild your creativity and empower your writing craft. Writing can seem overwhelming. You long to be a writer, but where do you start?And how do you bridge the gap between where you are right now and where you want to go? How do you discover your voice? What does that even mean? And what can you do to improve your writing? Or discover what you want to write about? This is not a book about getting published or finding an agent.

This is a book about finding you. Finding your voice. Trusting your talent. Your creativity. It is about putting your heart and soul into your writing practice. Do the prompts and exercises. Reflect. This Journal Workbook will help you find that spark. This is your writing life, write it your way.


I've always loved writing, I did a writing course as part of my open degree and I now write part time for a living. I write both fiction and non-fiction, often related to nature and environmentalism. I've had articles and blog posts published over the years but I'm not yet a published author. I purchased this book with high hopes that it would be packed full of inspiration that would give my writing mojo a real boost. Unfortunately it didn't, it just sort of made me feel like I was never going to succeed at being a full time writer. The book made me feel somewhat inferior. I was surprised to react to the book in this way because the reviews I've read were all 5*. Everyone else seems to be saying it was really helpful. I felt like maybe I'd missed something or maybe I'm just not a writer? 

OK, so since writing that first initial review (which I didn't publish because I didn't feel it would be any help to potential readers) I've had a break from the book and gone back to give it another go. 

One of the things that this book has taught me is that different writers write in different ways and that is OK. Different things inspire us, prompt us and assist us in our writing. 'Variety is the spice of life' as I so often hear people say. I no longer feel that I'm not a good enough writer, just that I write for a different reason and in a different way. That doesn't make me any less of a writer it just makes me different. 

After further reading of the book and giving myself time to digest it I've decided there are some useful parts in it but overall it just isn't for me. It will be fantastic for many, I am sure, who write for other reasons and in a different way that I do. 

Star Rating 
3 out of 5*