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I'm writing this book review as part of the Love Book Tours book tour, a big thank you to them and to Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh for sending me a gifted copy of the book to read and review. 


World of Plants: Stories of Survival
 tells the story of 100 plants which are part of the Living Collection at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, and are endangered or threatened in the wild. This beautiful and fascinating book introduces readers to a host of charismatic plants that contribute to the rich biodiversity of our world. It features images and descriptions of each plant, identifying its origins, highlighting the nature of threats it faces and what is being done to save it.

The book is your chance to explore the stories of some of the world's rarest and most threatened species through the Living Collections of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. These are stories of loss, resilience and restoration. Stories of what can be achieved when individuals, communities, organisations, governments and international bodies pull together. Stories of survival, in which we can all play a part.

My Review 

Some of you will already know, many of you won't but I'm a massive fan of gardening and plants both indoors and out. I have a blog and insta dedicated to my journey as a grower where I share photos, hints and tips it's called Tomatoes & Tulips, you can find it here. 

When I saw the chance to get hold of this book to read and review I jumped at it, I have a large collection of gardening and plant reference books including some beautiful classics and as many new ones as I can get my hands on. 

World of Plants - Stories of Survival is a non-fiction title that has been written by Dr Alexandra Davey for Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. It introduces us as readers to 100 rare and threatened plants that are currently in the 'Living Collection' at The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. 

The book begins with a contents page and then an introduction, from there you could read in order or your could pick and choose which plants to read about. I've only had the book a few days and so haven't had chance to read the whole thing yet but I picked my way through the plants I found most intriguing. 

This is a wonderfully presented informative book that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in plants. It would make a wonderful Christmas gift too. 

My Rating 

4.5 Stars 

Thanks again to Love Book Tours and to Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh for sending me this gifted copy to read and review. 

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