Dominion: Earthlings Book 2 | Book Review

***Spoiler warning - If you haven't read Earthlings: The Beginning, Book 1 of this trilogy I highly recommend you read it before reading my review below of book 2 'Dominion' Book 2***

I was given the chance to read an early Beta copy of Dominion by the author Ray Star. I jumped at the chance as I was looking forward to it so much. Here is my honest review of the book that is due to be published later this year 

(Image: Fan art of Peridot by Kerri-Ann Betty) 

Having read book 1, 'Earthlings: The beginning' last year and absolutely loving it (so much so it was my book of the year in 2021) I was concerned that Dominion wouldn't live up to my high expectations as the second book in the trilogy... I needn't have worried! Dominion surpassed my expectations and left me wanting more. 

Dominion takes hold right from the first page, you are instantly transported back into Peridot's world and once there you just don't want to leave. It was hard for me to put the book down at any point, every page I read had me enthralled and I felt compelled to keep reading. Ray's writing is so powerful and immersive, Dominion was a rollercoaster of emotions to read. I was so connect to the characters that I felt what they felt. 

I've read a few reviews of book 1 that mentioned they couldn't wrap their head around the idea of the flipped world Earthlings is based on, one with animals at the top of the food chain. As a fiction and fantasy fan myself I had no problem using my imagination to picture this and author Ray does such a fantastic job with world building throughout book 1 and 2 you feel like you are there, battling alongside Peridot for a fairer, safer earth for all. 

I loved Peridot's character development in Dominion, she's come along a long way from the na├»ve young girl she was in the first chapters of book 1. She is now a strong, determined young lady with her mind set on helping the resistance win and making the world a safe place for all, humans and animals. 

Book 2 not only features some of my favourite characters from book 1, it also introduces us to some new characters. Ray cleverly uses first person narrative with some of the important new characters allowing us to step into their mind, I feel like it helps us as readers get to know them quicker and begin to care about them like we do Peridot, Euan and the other core characters. 

Dominion contains some interesting revelations and many of the questions I was left with after reading book 2 were answered. It does a great job too of leaving me with enough questions that I want to read book 3 too. 

Dominion ends powerfully with one of those 'Wait what?!' moments. I literally cannot wait for the third and final book in the series. Though I know it will be bittersweet, as much as I want the next book I feel there is so much scope for more from Earthlings. It is such a well built fantastical world that I would love to keep going back to it. 

Star Rating: 
5 Stars ***** 

Highly recommend this book to both young adults and adults. There are some graphic details that some parents may wish to read for themselves first to ensure they are happy but I would be happy with my child reading this from age 12 + 

Ray's books fit perfectly into the upcoming genre of Eco-Fiction or Climate fiction as it is also known but will also be loved by anyone who likes to read books with a fantasy, magical or adventure theme. 

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More about the author, Ray Star. 

Ray does a fantastic job of raising awareness of animal cruelty issues with both books 1 and 2. They really get you thinking about our own world. There are many lessons worth learning from Peridot and I've learnt them in such a clever way. When reading I was captivated by the fictional world and I was enjoying the story for what it was, a fantastical fictional story. When I finished though, it left me with questions about the world I live in. How are we treating animals. What is happening to the animals farmed to be eaten here in our world? I think it is just so clever how Ray has managed to do that. To write a fictional tale that you can both enjoy whilst you read it but also leaves you with questions about your own world, makes you want to do some research and learn for yourself about animal treatment and agricultural farming. It just goes to show  you how powerful stories can really be. Thank you Ray Star for yet another fantastic book.