Recommended reading for children starting secondary school in September 2022

My son starts secondary school in September. We recently went to a parents evening there to hear about the school and meet the teachers. It looks fantastic, I was very impressed. They sent a booklet home for us, and him, with lots of information in it about the school and the process of transitioning into it. In the booklet I found a 'recommended reading' list, which of course I had to take a close look at. I thought the recommendations were brilliant, a really good variety of genres. The booklet also mentioned about how important reading is to students and how they will be encouraging them to read at every opportunity. Which as a booklover and bookshop owner is great to hear!

I've turned the recommended reading list they provided into a list so fellow parents can easily order them for their Yr7 starters and support independent bookshops like mine in the process. Click here to read the full list.

Whilst I'm on the topic of recommended reading I came across this book, which recommended books, for YA genre fans. This book is available here on and here on the Betty's Books website.