Monster hunting for beginners by Ian Mark | Book Review

My little bookshop predominantly sells books aimed at adults and teenagers (YA) however I also stock some books for older children. I have two sons, age 10 and nearly 12, and when proof copies of books are available I always reach out for a copy so that I can ask my boys to read them and let me know if they think other children their age will enjoy them. My boys have very different tastes in books so it is really helpful to hear both their opinions on the books before I invest in them for the shop. 

A big thank to Indie thinking at Harper Collins and the author, Ian Mark, for sending me this proof copy of Monster hunting for beginners. My son Finley has now finished this one and told me that I must stock it in the shop. 

Finley, age 10, read this book and gave me the feedback to write this short review. 

Finley has said that this was one of his favourite books so far this year, he enjoyed the style of the book mentioning how he liked the comedy mixed in with the adventure. He would often come and show me parts of the book he particular enjoyed and even asked to read chapters to me which was really lovely. The book is recommended for readers of age 8+ which I would say is about right. Finley read it fluently, only asking for help with reading a couple of words. Stoop and Humbert were Finley's favourite characters. He also mentioned that he loved all the different names of the monsters and characters. 

Finley said that he hopes this book will turn into a series, he'd love to read a 2nd, 3rd and 4th. No pressure then Ian! 

Having taken a look through myself and listening to Finley read a few chapters to me I am happy to recommend this book to fellow parents. We now stock it in store at Betty's Books and on our website. 

Finley' s rating: 

***** 5 Stars! 

Monster Hunting for Beginners is available to purchase here on our link too.