Books being released in June 2022 that I want to read

As a bookshop owner and book lover I often find myself spending far too much time researching new books due for release or that have just been released and making lists of books that I want to read rather than actually reading all the books I have in my TBR pile. It is one of my many faults, one I doubt I'll ever be able to fix. 

Here are a few of the books I've come across that are being published this month, June 2022, that I want to get my hands on and read. 

The Truth About Lisa Jewell

by Will Brooker 

Published: 9th June 2022 
the description reads: 
*For those aspiring authors who are interested in the path to success* 'I read this yesterday in one glorious sitting! What an absolute treat of a book!' Lesley Kara'This is definitely going to be one of the big 'how to write' books - every author who is on a quest to be Lisa Jewell will love it. Illuminating, revealing and absolutely fascinating, Will Brooker offers us the keys to the Jewell kingdom.' Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin aka Sam Blake__________Have you ever thought about what it takes to become a bestselling writer?If so, The Truth About Lisa Jewell is the book for you. It is the story of how a novel is written, from before the start to after the finish; it's an in-depth analysis of how that novel fits into a bestselling author like Lisa Jewell's career and her previous work, and what her style shares with authors from James Joyce to Martin Amis.

But this is more than just a study of an author at the top of her game. Like Lisa Jewell's much-loved novels, it's also the story of a relationship - between the bestselling author and the professor of cultural studies who has made her his muse - evolving slowly as the world comes gradually out of Covid. It's the story of two very different writers getting to know each other gradually through words; two complete strangers becoming something more like friends.

A must-have for fans of Lisa Jewell, for aspiring authors who are interested in the path to success - and a testament to the way books can bring us together. . .

As a reader and writer this book appeals to me, I really want to get back into writing fiction as i seem to be very focused on my blogging and non-fiction writing lately. I'm also a Lisa Jewell fan too. This book is going on my wish list and I shall be buying myself a copy soon. 

Everything is Under Control : A Memoir with Recipes

by Phyllis Grant

Published: 9th June 2022

The description reads: 'What a beautiful, rich, poetic memoir this is. Phyllis writes of longing, suffering, family, and food with such delicate power. Like the best chefs, she knows how to make a masterpiece from a few simple ingredients: truth, poignancy, and love.

A wonderful book.' Elizabeth Gilbert, author of 10 million copy bestseller Eat, Pray, Love Bake. I bake for others. Belgian waffles, French toast, crepes, chocolate chip cookies.

When I cook, I am calm, I am confident. There is comfort in the logic. Chef and award-winning writer Phyllis Grant's life has been defined by food.

First, as a dancer struggling to find her place at Julliard, when banana muffins with inch-thick streusel are the fuel for another day of training. Then, a lowly junior chef in high-pressure NYC four-star kitchens, as she masters the tarte Tatin and ice cream custard. Falling in love with her future husband and the garlicky tomato sauce he makes in his bare apartment.

The quesadillas she can't stop eating in LA before she realises she's pregnant. These are the recipes that have accompanied Phyllis throughout the smooth and jagged stages of her life as she navigates the highs and lows of young adulthood, being a mother, and a career in the kitchen. Written with the transparency of a diarist and including tried-and-true recipes from her chef's table, Everything Is Under Control is a raw and riveting story about food, family, love and loss.

I've always loved reading memoirs, this ones appeals to me with its mention of cooking being a core element to the authors life as I too enjoy cooking, especially meals for my family. It's recently become a real hobby of mine, along with my many others. 

Believe Me Not : A compulsive and totally unputdownable edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller

by Natalie Chandler

Published : 9th June 
The description reads: 
Megan's not in a maternity ward, she's in a psychiatric unit. Convinced that they're lying to her, Megan is determined to find out the truth. But how can you prove your baby exists when you can't trust your own memories? An utterly chilling psychological thriller with a heart-stopping twist.

You'll love this if you enjoyed THE PERFECT FATHER, THE RECOVERY OF ROSE GOLD or PLAYING NICE. _______Readers LOVE Believe Me Not!'Compelling and tightly plotted, the story twists relentlessly. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.' DEBBIE HOWELLS'An impressive debut with an original premise.

A story of long hidden secrets, when past trauma forces loved ones to do the unthinkable. I found it utterly compelling.' EMILY FREUD'A fast-paced and gripping thriller that you'll find hard to put down. I loved it.' SOPHIE FLYNN'A gripping, frightening, knotty mystery.'ELLE CONNEL'The unfolding twists kept me on the edge until the end' STACEY THOMAS

I'm a massive fan of psychological thrillers and this one sounds brilliant. It will be going on my wish list and I'll be sure to buy a copy when I can and put up a review. 

There are so many more I could mention but these are the 3 that jumped out at me so far this month. 

As always all the books I mention in my blogs are available