Books being published in August that I want to get my hands on


Being a book lover who is also a bookseller / bookshop owner is so dangerous. When the post arrives with details of new books being launched I'm supposed to read it and make a list of books to order for the shop. What I actually end up doing is making a list for the shop and also writing a list of books I want for myself. 

I thought I would start sharing those lists with you so you can see what books I'm looking forward to. 

Here are some of the books being published in August 2022 that I'm looking forward to getting

The Plant Hunter : 'A great adventure' William Boyd

by T.L. Mogford

Due to be published 18th August 2022 

"King's Road, Chelsea, is a sea of plant nurseries, catering to the Victorian obsession with rare and exotic flora.

But each of the glossy emporiums is fueled by the dangerous world of the plant hunters - daring adventurers sent into uncharted lands in search of untold wonders to grace England's finest gardens. Harry Compton is as far from a plant hunter as one could imagine - a salesman plucked from the obscurity of the nursery growing fields to become 'the face that sold a thousand plants'. But one small act of kindness sees him inherit a precious gift - a specimen of a fabled tree last heard of in The Travels of Marco Polo, and a map.

Seizing his chance for fame and fortune, Harry sets out to make his mark. But where there is wealth there is corruption, and soon Harry is fleeing England, rounding the Cape of Good Hope and sailing up the Yangtze alongside a young widow - both in pursuit of the plant that could transform both their lives forever." 

As someone who loves plants and books when you see a book about plants you can't skip past it, you have to check the blurb and see what it is whether fiction or non-fiction. The blurb of this fictional tale captivated me and so when I read more about it I just had to add it to my 'need' list. 

Wilder : How Rewilding is Transforming Conservation and Changing the World

by Millie Kerr

Due to be published on: 18th August 2022 

"Wilder takes readers on a global rewilding journey, exploring innovative and eye-opening projects led by a diverse group of passionate conservationists. Rewilding is a radical new approach to wildlife conservation that offers remarkable potential. If conservation seeks to preserve what remains and stave off further decline, rewilding goes further, seeking to restore entire ecosystems.

It involves a spectrum of conservation options; at one end is a 'passive' approach prioritising ecological restoration - in essence, leaving land to recover naturally. At the other is what might be termed 'active' rewilding, where habitats are actively restored and keystone species reintroduced to quicken the process of recovery. The stakes are high in active rewilding.

Large mammal translocations and wildlife corridors running through densely populated areas are high-risk, high-reward initiatives. In this timely and exciting contribution to a wider conversation about our relationship with the natural world, wildlife journalist Millie Kerr takes readers on a global journey of discovery. She considers the practicalities and possibilities of ecological restoration around the world, while exploring first-hand some of the most ambitious undertakings occurring today, many of which involve species reintroductions in the Global South.

Wilder details the return of jaguars to an Argentinian national park, the first-ever pangolin reintroduction project in South Africa, and the ways in which giant tortoises are aiding the recovery of ecosystems throughout the Galapagos Islands, among many others. At an urgent moment in the international fight against biodiversity loss, Wilder's message is one of innovation and optimism. By focusing on conservation success stories and showing that there are bands of determined conservationists fighting for a better future, Wilder inspires us all to become part of the solution."

I completed my Masters Degree last year and my dissertation focused on the link between Environmentalism and Aesthetics, it is a subject area I'm very interested in so even though I've now finished my studies I'm still keen to read any books published about this topic. 

Bake It. Slice It. Eat It. : One Pan, Over 90 Unbeatable Recipes and a Lot of Fun

by The Exploding Bakery & Oliver Coysh & Tom Oxford 

Due to be published 18th August 2022 

"One pan, over 90 unbeatable recipes and a lot of fun. A whole load of tasty cake recipes - from knockout carrot cake, banana bread, tiffin, crumble cake and cheesecake to an irresistible array of brownies - awaits you here and they're all made in one size of brownie tin. Start simple and work your way up to experimenting with new flavour combinations, different flours and seasonal ingredients if the mood takes you.

What's important is that these recipes are for everyone who's serious about delicious cake. If you're after homemade cake, but without the need for fancy equipment, expert decorating skills and five spare hours, Bake It. Slice It.

Eat It. is the cookbook for you. There are gluten-free options, healthier ideas, and more advanced ones, too, so there's something for every occasion." 

I've recently got back into baking and so I'm on the look out for new baking books to inspire me to try some new recipes, this one looked interesting and so I've added it to my wish list. 

Kew - The Magic of Mushrooms : Fungi in folklore, superstition and traditional medicine

by Sandra Lawrence &  Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

Due to be published 4th August 2022 

"Explore the wonderful world of some of the most incredible natural forms on our planet - fungi. At the centre of countless superstitions, folkloric tales and magical beliefs, as well as appearing in recipes and medicines both traditional and modern, mushrooms have incredible powers. Featuring images of over 100 fascinating species, sourced from the archives at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, The Magic of Mushrooms shows that from saving lives to expanding the mind, the potential of these fascinating organisms should not be underestimated."

Another non-fiction book that I need to get my hands on. This one sounds interesting and I'm looking forward to reading it. If it is anything like the other Kew books I expect there will be beautiful imagery within this book too.