Books about staycations and camping

 Are you planning on a staycation this summer or maybe going camping? We have a great selection of books about camping and holidaying in the UK in store at Betty's Books in Seaton and on our website. We've also created a handy list of best selling books on these topics which you can see here. 

The list includes not just informative books to learn about camping and places to visit and stay in the UK but also activity books and books packs full of tips and ideas on things you can do to have fun whilst having a holiday in the UK. 

Take a look at this list of books about camping and staycations in the UK. 

We are obviously biased but if you are planning on a holiday in the UK why not consider Seaton, in Devon. It is beautiful here in the south and you can even plan in a little visit to our bookshop at 30 Queen Street. 

The beach in Seaton is never too busy, there is always space to enjoy activities or relax and there are plenty of camping sites around. So if you haven't decided yet on where to stay in the UK for your summer break take a look at the list of books above and maybe even consider coming to stay in Seaton.