Interested in crochet? | lists to check out


Get creative with crochet

If you are interested in crochet and want to learn how to crochet or get inspiration on what you can crochet then I highly recommend getting yourself some good books like these. There are so many books on the market that give different ideas, everything from basic 'how to' books through to step by step guides that will teach you basic projects or more complex items. 

There are so many amazing things you can create with yarn once you learn how to crochet you can be making your own clothes, toys, home decor and so much more. 

Click here to see the list 'Get creative with crochet' where you'll find some highly recommended books. 

If you get inspired and want to get creative don't forget you can order supplies here, from Devon Art Supplies. They stock hooks, yarn and accessories that will help you get started.