A moment on the lips by J.Taylor | Blog Tour Post

A big thank you to the author and to Random Things Tours for sending me this proof copy to read and review


By losing weight they gained each other.

From debut author J Taylor comes a hilarious, heartfelt story about friendship, self-acceptance and discovering how on earth one goes about losing an awful lot of weight...

Etta Wilson has vowed to make a change. At five foot three and a size twenty, she’s had enough. Honestly, this has absolutely nothing to do with seeing her ex, Robert Ward, strolling around town, smitten with a new slim girlfriend.

So, Etta’s chucked the calorific cakes, thrown the takeaway in the bin and committed to cardio. She’s got nothing to lose - well apart from a lot of weight - but how hard can that be?

Nearly impossible, it turns out. Etta soon realises she can’t do this alone. Thanks to her colleagues at the Elm Lodge Care Home, she won't have to. With their help, will Etta reach her goals? Or does a moment on the lips really mean a lifetime on the hips?





Unfortunately I've not had chance to read this one by my allotted timeslot on the blog tour, life has simply got in the way. I wanted to put up this post though to highlight the book and let you all know about it. It is currently sat on my reading table awaiting for me to reach over and pick it up I've just not had chance recently to stop my brain from spinning and focus on the words on the page. Usually reading is a great escape for me and helps with my mental health condition, at the moment though I'm just not in the right place. I will attempt to sit down and read it soon though. I'm also not taking on any review requests at the moment until i have completed the books on my current review list. Apologies to the author and to the blog tour organiser for letting you down, i will be sure to read, review and promo the book once i have got to it.