Mood Crystals by Christel Alberez & Nerissa Alberez | Book Review

Mood Crystals by Christel Alberez & Nerissa Alberez 


A unique book for beginners to crystals, that helps you identify your feelings and guides you towards crystal choices to enhance your mental wellbeing. As human beings we all experience a myriad different emotions that have a profound effect on how we live oureveryday lives. The awareness of our emotions, or emotional intelligence, is an important skill to cultivate as it isinevitably connected to personal wellbeing and the vitality of all relationships in life.

Crystals and minerals are teachers who can guide us through their specific energetic signatures how to maintain, enhance, or alter our moods. When we are aware of our current mind state and work consciously with crystals, we can find practical yet deeppractices to help evolve our emotional wellbeing. This guide to crystals for beginners and beyond, will give you practical exercises for engaging with the right stones at the right time and in the most effective way.

Perhaps you need to give yourself courage? Or reduce your anxietylevels? Or make yourself more open to feeling compassion? There are all sorts of situations where you may want to control or regulate your frame of mind, and crystals are a powerful tool to help with this. This book will not only guide beginners in choosing the most appropriate stones but also how to work with them in different ways. It describes in detail practices that can help you unlock the stones' power, including meditations of various kinds including movement, sound and touch, journalling exercises to record your experiences and discover patterns in the ways the crystals have helped you, and conscious crystal dreaming which activates the sensory and medicinal qualities of support you associate with dream time.

Organized by emotional states, Mood Crystals will help you to cultivate your emotional intelligence as you developgreater awareness of your current mood and practice consciously with crystals. A questionnaire at the back of the book allows you to assess what you're actually feeling and decide which crystal (or crystal combination) will be most beneficial to you at any given moment and which of the practices you should try with each particular crystal.

Though we shouldn't judge books by their cover there are times when the covers are so beautiful you just have to buy the this one. 

I was looking to get some new crystal books and was looking for recently published, this one was released in 2021 so looked to be just what I was looking for. 

The book begins with an introduction, a personal one from the authors who share information about their personal journey with crystals. They also give their Instagram info so that readers can follow them on social media. 

There are many ways you could chose to use the book, you could read it from cover to cover, you could flick through and read about the different emotions and crystals related to them or one other way that I've found interesting since purchasing this book is to go to it each morning, flick through at random and stop at a page to see what crystals it is recommending for me for the day. 

One slight negative is that the writing is printed in a dark grey on white which my eyes struggled a little with. I assume it was done for a reason, a subtle calming effect maybe? 

Rating: 4 stars 

You can purchase this book here from Betty's Books.