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Fairest Creatures by Karen Taylor | Book Review

Thank you to the author and to 'Random Things Tours' for sending me a proof copy to read and review. I'm sharing my review today as part of the book tour.  


A serial killer’s dark obsession with the preservation of beauty sees him return to stalk the streets of Penzance in the summer of 2019. It’s 23 years since his first victims went missing, setting DI Brandon Hammett on the hunt for the Sleeping Beauty Killer. A beautiful woman is being held captive in an unknown location. Although not physically injured, she is manacled to a chair in a darkened, sinister dining room. Her captor is polite but menacing. Her female companions, silent spectators. When a glass box is found in Prussia Cove, containing a conch and the ear of a missing beauty, a murder investigation is launched. Is the Sleeping Beauty Killer back? Or is this a copycat killing? What’s clear is an evasive, clever killer is at large, presenting DI Brandon Hammett with his biggest challenge to-date.


*Today - 12/01/2022 - I haven't yet finished the book as I've been driving back and forth from hospital with my son who has damaged his hand, I'm over halfway at present. These are my thoughts so far and I'll update in the next few days with my final thoughts 

After reading the blurb for this one I had a good feeling, crime fiction is something I read a lot of and usually enjoy. I will say though that I don't feel like the cover quite suits the story, as beautiful as it is, as a bookseller I know how important covers are (though we like to say 'don't judge a book by it's cover, so many shoppers do!) I feel like some of the potential male audience will look past the book due to its cover not realising that the story within would actually appeal to them. 

The chapters in this book are dated, not named or numbered and they switch perspective giving the name of the character in which the chapter will be focused around. e.g. 

'Brandon' June 23, 2019' 

I found it an interesting way to break up the story, it worked pretty well the chopping and changing of the character at the forefront, at times giving you a glimpse into the mind of a dangerous and disturbing killer and at others following the DI who races against time. The chapters are mostly short and snappy which worked well. It does mean though that the book will suit readers who either have a good memory and can remember where they left the book or who can read it in longer chunks to keep on track. 

I wouldn't say it is fast paced, but it isn't slow either it tracks along at a comfortable speed. I'm enjoying the plot and I was drawn in and hooked early which is always a good thing. I have high hopes for the rest of the book, so far so good! 

As previously mentioned I've not yet finished so I can't comment on the ending yet and so I will reserve my final judgement until I have finished. Do come back in a couple of days and see what my final thoughts on the book are. 


Currently my rating is at 4 stars, I'm really enjoying the book so as long as it doesn't get boring or have a terrible ending I'll be happy! 

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Thanks again to the author and to 'Random Things Tours' for sending me this proof copy.