Tom Collins A ‘Slightly Crooked’ Novel by Douglas Vigliotti | Book Review | Love Books Tour

I'm reviewing this one today as part of the Love Books Tour. Thank you to the team and to the author for the gifted copy of this book. 


What if that person from the bar—you know, the one you just slept with—turns out to be your boss's spouse?


When soul-searching Christian meets Liv, stars align and her green eyes burn a hole straight through him. Their playful attraction quickly escalates into something much more. But Liv has a little more to her story—one that will turn his life upside down and entangle him in a predicament for the ages. She’s married to his new boss.


With a dash of dark humor, the story ensues and things begin to heat up. A ball-busting buddy tries to save Christian from himself, but a work event places everyone together on a weekend trip to Golden Beach, FL. As tension builds, his work nemesis, knack for late-night partying, and (most importantly) Liv don't make things any easier. Christian begins to question everything he thought he knew. It’s not until he stumbles upon a mysterious aging rockstar that he starts to see things a bit differently. And sometimes, the way you look at something can change everything.


Tom Collins is more than an edgy, sexy story of lust, attraction, and infidelity. It’s about how our lives come to be and what shapes us along the way.
Potential trigger warnings to mention: 
Drugs (the use of and mention of), loss of child and potentially the language used such as the word 'Homo' 

My Review First things first, I'm not usually a dark humor sort of person, however I really enjoyed this book, maybe I'm converted. I also don't drink (maybe once a year) yet I'm tempted to try a Tom Collins now, there must be a mocktail version I can have.
I felt it had a great pace with some brilliant twists. I thought the way the author used some heat within the story yet didn't actually use sex scenes leaving us as readers to interpret things was really clever. The characters were really well written and it was interesting to follow their journey. 

There were some elements I thought that were a little far fetched but it didn't make me enjoy the story any less. 

This is the first book I have read by Douglas Vigliotti, I was really impressed with his writing style, it certainly gets you hooked and draws you in. I'd be happy to recommend this book and will be looking out for the authors other work!
My Rating 4 out of 5 stars.