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I received this book to read as of the Random Things Tours, thank you to the author and the team at Random Things Tours for gifting me a copy. 


 'The perfect fireside read. Veronica McCreedy will capture your heart' TRISHA ASHLEY, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Christmas Invitation' So beautifully written by a born storyteller' LORRAINE KELLYMeet the heroine everyone's talking about . .

. Fiercely resilient and impeccably dressed, Veronica McCreedy has lived an incredible 87 years. Most of them alone, in her huge house by the sea.

But Veronica has recently discovered a late-life love for family and friendship, adventure and wildlife. More specifically, a love for penguins!And so when she's invited to co-present a wildlife documentary, far away in the southern hemisphere, she jumps at the chance. Even though it will put her in the spotlight, just when she thought she would soon fade into the wings.

Perhaps it's never too late to shine?_____Readers are falling in love with Call of the Penguins!***** 'A life-affirming, warm, comforting book to help you feel cosy.' ***** 'This story really warmed my heart.' ***** 'A book to lift the spirits.'

My review 

I read 'The Call of the Penguins' as a stand alone but I found out that there is a first book called 'Away with the penguins', or a book that could be considered to be the first book and some book bloggers have mentioned that readers' enjoyment would be enhanced by reading it first  for a better understanding of what led them to the present situation. I wasn't aware of this until after I started read this one by which point it was too late for me to get the first book and read it before this one, I was still able to enjoy it as a stand alone though. 

Though I enjoyed it I will admit to feeling a little lost at times, like there was something missing, some information I wasn't quite getting to help me understand the back story. As the story progressed I felt a little more settled and was able to follow along ok. So although this can be a stand alone book as some others have suggested you may well enjoy it more if you read the first book first. 

There was lots of information within the story about penguins and the environment, the importance to protect it etc, it was lovely to learn new facts though at times it felt a little like being told rather than the information being part of the story. As someone who loves to learn about ecology and the environment I found that side of the story especially interesting, I've been reading quite a bit of Eco-Fiction recently and I'd say this book would be good for anyone who is wanting to read more Eco-Fiction. 

All in all was beautifully written, it flowed well and the pace suited the story. 

If you are looking for a heart warming delightful book to read then this one will be a great choice. 

My rating 

3.5 stars