Stranger by Karen Perry | Book Review




Assured storytelling and neat twists' DAILY MAIL' Compelling, brilliant and entertaining. The twists just kept on coming' LIZ NUGENT_________Every family has secrets. But now someone knows yours.

Abi's daughters couldn't be more different. She's always felt close to Eva - her confident, older child. It's troubled young Beth that she worries about.

So when foreign exchange student Corinne comes to stay, it's a relief that Beth finally has someone to talk to. But soon after Corinne's arrival, Abi notices changes creeping in. Beth starts to misbehave.

Eva becomes distant. And everywhere she looks, Abi sees Corinne watching - and listening. Can Abi trust Corinne? Because if not, she might already know enough to tear this family apart .

. . _________'In this well-paced thriller, Perry ramps up the tension to almost unbearable heights, leading to an unexpected and utterly devastating denouement' Irish Independent Praise for Karen Perry' Slick, engrossing, twisted and addictive.

Domestic crime drama at its best. Highly recommended' Jo Spain'Truly remarkable...Grips your heart from the first pages and simply never lets go' Jeffery Deaver 'If you're a fan of menacing psychological thrillers that chill to the bone, this book is for you' Sunday Times

My Review 

The cover of the book I had is slightly different to the one which will soon be launched in the UK, I've double checked though and they are the same book (for anyone like me who gets confused when using Goodreads to log their books) I think the UK cover suits the story better.  

The story grabs you in the first few pages where you are thrown into the middle of what appears to be a horrific and serious situation but you don't get told what. 
It then takes you to what is listed as the 1st chapter where you are taken back in time for the story to unfold. 

I'd describe it as a complex domestic thriller full of secrets and lies. It does have some trigger topics within such as bullying and mental health, I know some struggle to read books covering those topics. 

The story is for the most part well paced though it does slow slighting in the earlier chapters I think it works OK as it gives you time to get to know the characters. It is well worth pushing through with as the final sections increase in pace and are well worth the wait. 

I enjoyed the twists and turns and the ending too. I'd be happy to recommend it to fellow thriller fans. 

My Rating 

4 out of 5 stars 

- - - - - - - - 

Thank you to the authors, Jen Harlow and the team at Michael Joseph for sending me gifted copy to read and review. 
(I say authors as I believe that it is two authors who work together under a pen name of Karen Perry)