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I'm sharing this review today as part of the 'Random Things Tour' a big thank you to them, to the author Cristina Loggia and to Lume Books for sending me this proof copy in exchange for an honest review. 


Lucifer’s Game is an exciting new WWII spy thriller from debut author Cristina Loggia, and tells a gripping story of espionage, love, and betrayal at a pivotal moment in the war. Set in 1942 Italy, the story is based on Loggia’s own family history. Cordelia Olivieri is a young, determined hotel owner desperate to escape Mussolini’s racial persecution. Desperate to keep her Jewish heritage a secret and secure safe passage out of Italy, Cordelia forms a dangerous alliance with the British army who want to push the Axis out of North Africa once and for all. But the more Cordelia uncovers, the greater the risks – especially for one handsome German Afrika Korps officer.

Loggia says: “I am thrilled to be publishing my first book with Lume. There are too few World War II thrillers written by women, and this story is very special because it draws on my own family history.”

(Description from Gardners) 

My Review 

I know we should not judge a book by it's cover, but many of us readers do like a pretty cover, it makes us more likely to purchase a book, probably because it will look good on our bookshelf displays (and Instagram of course! haha) This one is quite lovely, very subtle but alludes to the story within. 

I was really looking forward to reading Lucifer's Game as I had only recently read another WW2 based historical novel and so my mind was in a good place to read another set in the same period. I was intrigued when I found that Lucifer's Game would be set in Italy, offering a different perspective to most WW2 books I have come across. 

I'll be honest, the beginning for me was rather slow. I felt like I was reading lots of facts in a non-fiction title. It also jumped about in terms of point of view. I can see what the author was trying to do, to set the scene and build a background but I think it ended up slowing down the story a little too much and if I wasn't reading this for a book tour I may well have given up which is very unlike me. I didn't give up though, I pushed on and was pleased to find glimpses of the story that captured my interest and made it worthwhile. 

Towards the second half of the book the pace improves, the storyline becomes more dynamic and captivating. As the points of view began to weave together things started to become much more interesting for me. 

Though overall this book wasn't really to my taste it will be to others. I'm able to appreciated the depth of research involved and the writing style used and know that there will be many who will enjoy it. If like me you struggle with the beginning I urge you to push on as it's worth it. 

I believe this is Cristina Loggia's first fictional novel. I would say she has done a good job and I look forward to reading more of her work in the future. 

My Rating 

3 out of 5 stars 

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Thanks again to Random Things Tours, the author & Lume books for the opportunity to read and review Lucifer's Game. 

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