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This book review is part of the Love Books Tours book blog tour.
Thank you to them and to the author Ray Star for sending me this gifted copy. 
Peridot has lived a sheltered life. Raised on a remote island off the coast of England by an overprotective mother, Peri has never left the comfort of her home or met another child before. Until the night of her thirteenth birthday, when a strange boy appears at her window, filthy and malnourished, claiming to have escaped captivity from the mainland.

Her mother insists that the ways of the world are to remain concealed until her sixteenth birthday, but she unveils why they live in hiding, the mainland isn't safe for their kind - they are born of magick. Not magic from stories and fables, but real magick from the days of old. The power to control earth, air, fire, water and spirit; an Elemental.

On her quest to learn the truth, Peridot leaves the island on her sixteenth birthday only to finally comprehend why the truth was kept from her. Life on the mainland is unlike anything she could have fathomed possible, humanity is enslaved, and the remaining species are in charge. Peridot finds herself thrown into a world she wasn't prepared for, caught amongst an ongoing battle between those trying to save humanity and the tyrants seeking to keep them enslaved.

Struggling to command magickal abilities she doesn't fully understand or know how to control. Her abilities may be the helping hand needed to save humanity from an awful way of life, but at what cost? Within Peridot's grasp is the chance to save the world, and earth knows, the world needs saving...


I knew of this book already as I stock it in store at Betty's Books and had chatted with the author, the lovely Ray Star a few times online. I love the fact that Ray Star is trying to be as eco friendly as possible and is aiming to plant a tree for every one of her books sold. Earthlings was already on my TBR list as I loved the concept behind it so when the opportunity came up read and review it as part of a book tour I jumped at the chance and I'm really grateful to have been chosen to take part. 

It grabbed me right from the start and it didn't let go, absolutely brilliant

The first few pages had me saying "What?" then as I moved to chapter 2 (thought the chapters are named) I was saying "ahh clever" The changing in perspective was very cleverly woven in and really worked well for the story. I loved the way the characters were built up, I really felt like I got to know Peridot and the other protagonists. I liked the way the back story was introduced to naturally too, i didn't feel like I was being told I felt like it was all happening around me and I was learning things for myself. Very cleverly done. It was so beautifully written and really well paced. 

You know a book is really good when you don't want to put it down to go to sleep. you dream about it and then wake up in the morning wanting to finish reading it. I was utterly immersed into this fantastical world, a world where the food chain has flipped, where magic (or rather Magick) is real and where humanity is no longer in charge. I loved the use of crystals and herbal medicines (herblore) within the story, Its something I personally have an interest in so it was lovely to see it used in a book. 

Though this book is advertised as a YA book via wholesalers as a bookseller I'll be recommending it to adults and young adults as I honestly really enjoyed it, it was a brilliant read that captured me and really got me thinking. It raises some really interesting questions and faces some difficult issues that we as humanity face everyday. There are points where rather dark conditions for humans are alluded to, I wouldn't say that it is too graphic for young adults but it might be worth a trigger warning / parents of younger teens reading it first to make sure they are happy. 

I have only one other thing to mention, the ending was frustrating, not in a negative way in a I really want book 2 now way! I cannot wait to read book to and head back into Peridots world. 

This is probably, depending on the books I read for the rest of this year, going to be my BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR. It truly was such a fantastic read. 


5 out of 5 stars 

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