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I'm sharing this book review today as part of the 'Love Book Tours' book tour. Thank you to Love Book Tours and Milo McGivern for sending me this copy to read and review. 

A Surprise Party by Milo McGivern

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Age: 8-12 Description On a mysterious and far away island, strange things are happening. With no people in sight, a wonderful collection of talking animals are having extraordinary, funny adventures. We have returned to the Island of Animaux, a land that somehow continues to change its position on the planet each day, to prevent it being found by humans.

Perhaps this is the ancient and lost world of Atlantis! The five new tales in A Surprise Party link seamlessly to the ones in the last book, Monsieur Le Chef. Once again that foul fowl Aubrey the Turkey is up to no good, although as usual his naughtiness only rebounds on himself. See the old bird try to host a wonderful party but forget to invite any guests.

Watch as Walli Hog and Clifford Platypus take care of him after poor Aubrey becomes very ill, a kindness that he repays by selling their bedroom curtains! Shiver as the evil Rick Rat persuades three witches to put a curse on the turkey. And then see Aubrey do something incredible that no one, not even himself, could have imagined. Once again, stories packed with fun, silliness, naughty behaviour and happy endings.

Please enjoy the stories. And don't be afraid to laugh, particularly as Aubrey's expense. But please, please, please - continue to remember to keep the latest position of the island top secret!
My Review As this was a children's book I decided to share it and read it with my son Finley aged 9. Finley is an avid reader and can often confidently read books above his age rating. Finley was able to read the book within about 3 days reading at various points through the day. I'd say the book length was just right for someone his age.

We read the book both separately and together for some parts. Finley was happy reading it independently and only needed to ask with help on a few words which makes me feel that the age rating suggested is correct, that it would be suitable for children aged between 8 & 12. Though the cover is pink and may put some parents of purchasing it for a boy I'd say that the story is suitable for both boys and girls to enjoy so please don't be put off by the colour of the book cover. This is apparently the third in the series but we've not read the previous two and were still able to enjoy it. The book had a good flow to it and Finley found it an enjoyable read. He said his favourite character was Walli the Warthog. He enjoyed reading about the characters who got up to mischief and were in Finley's words "rather silly and naughty". I loved watching Finley reading this book, I'd often look over to him and find him smiling and laughing to himself, he really seemed to enjoy it. It is jam packed with mischief and does contain I'd happily recommend this book to fellow parents for their children. Especially if you are looking for a book to make them laugh out loud. Rating Finley said he'd rate this book a 4.5 which coming from Finley is a great rating! Thanks again to Milo McGivern and Love Book Tours for sending us this proof copy. If you'd like to follow the author or Love Book Tours online check our their social media handles below:

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