My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing | Book Review

My Lovely Wife 

by Samantha Downing 

THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER AND RICHARD & JUDY PICKHOW WELL DO YOU REALLY KNOW THE PERSON YOU LOVE MOST? Their life was just like yours. Nice house, great kids, the perfect life. But they have a very dark secret.

You might think you've read stories like this before. You're wrong. ______________SHORTLISTED FOR ITW THRILLER AWARD FOR BEST FIRST NOVEL, THE EDGAR AWARD AND THE GOODREADS AWARDS.

WINNER OF THE DEAD GOOD READER AWARDS. 'The twist at the end of the first chapter made me read through the night' Jane Corry, bestselling author of The Dead Ex'The most gripping psychological thriller of 2019' Stylist'The next Gone Girl' Marie Claire'A twisty, audacious, Gone Girl-y psychological thriller. The book that everyone is going to be talking about' Red'Wow! My Lovely Wife is a stunner - full of twists, well-drawn characters, and riveting suspense' Harlan Coben'Dexter meets Gone Girl - I loved this this brilliantly dark and twisted novel.

One of the best books I've read this year' C.J. Tudor' Absolutely unputdownable' Liv Constantine
-- description from Gardners 


Well it didn't have me hooked after the first chapter as Jane Corry promised but I was hooked after about chapter 3. I really enjoyed the way in which this was written, in the perspective of the husband. It's a view point i haven't read many books in but it fit well with the story. I also loved the short snappy chapters, i'm not usually a fan of short chapters but found that it worked well with the pace of the story and the chopping and changing of time and place. 

The characters are not overly explained or embellished, the author offers just enough information for us to be able to imagine them and get to know them without building a connection. I didn't feel particularly connected to any of the characters but i didn't feel i needed to be for this story to work either.  

I guessed a few of the plot twists, but then i usually do. That is my own fault for reading (and watching) so much crime / thriller, I'm always suspicious and second guessing the plot. There were a few twists within the story i hadn't expected which worked well and added to the story. When one of the twists towards the end hit that was it, i couldn't stop reading and read through then until i was finished. I was disappointed slightly with the ending, i felt that a few things seems a little unlikely but when i thought about it there wasn't many ways the story could end so i got over my own issues pretty quickly. Overall i really enjoyed this book and will be looking out for more work from this author from now on. 

I'd certainly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys crime / thrillers, it is a good easy read and by that i mean you don't have to overthink anything. 


4 out of 5 stars.