Dissertation updates


In just 6 weeks my dissertation will be due, wow, just typing that is scary. As a full time working mum i'm juggling writing my dissertation with running the shop 6 days a week, making sure the house is in order and the kids and happy. It certainly isn't easy but I've come this far and i'm determined to finish. 

I'm pleased with my progress so far though i am aware that i really need to concentrate and get it finished, this dissertation is the last piece of the puzzle that will get me the Masters in Philosophy that I've been working so hard for over the past 2 years. My dissertation is focused around aesthetics and environmentalism, i can't share the details of it yet until it has been assessed but I've really enjoyed studying this topic and reading so many of the books and published texts related to it, a topic i chose for myself after studying many areas of philosophy over the years. I enjoyed each topic for different reasons and part of me wishes that i could go on and study more and more. I'd love to do another degree or progress onto a PhD the only thing holding me back is the cost. I will research and write independently for the next few years i think whilst i look at applying for PhD positions and grant funding / loans. 

That is all the update i have time for at the moment but i will be back to my regular writing soon, once this dissertation has been submitted. Take care all.