Entry fees to art competitions

(Burrow Farm Gardens Copyright Kerri-Ann Briggs) 

I've been doing some research lately on the entry fees to art competitions, it struck me that there is such variety in the costs. Some are fee free, others can range from 50p to £25 and above. I thought maybe there would be a link with a higher fee for a higher prize value but found this wasn't always the case. 

Art competitions are open at many levels to both amateurs and professionals. The most well know UK art competitions are probably the Landscape Artist of the year and the Portrait Artist of the year run by Sky Arts and televised. Though there has been criticism of these both, having watched a number of them over the years they appear to be well run and showcase artist in a good light. Smaller art competitions run by art societies, art galleries, art shops and local shows are often run throughout the year though unless you know where to look it can sometimes be challenging to find the information about them. 

As an artist, do high entry fees put you off entering? 

What is important for you to consider entering an art competition? Is it the prize? The recognition of winning? Who the judges are? 

I'd be interested to hear from artists with experience of entering art competitions with their views and opinions for a future post that i'll be writing up for both my blog and an online art feature. 

I'd also like to hear from artist who would like to enter art competitions but haven't for some reason, whether that be a lack or confidence or high entry fees.