Showing support for local art galleries re-opening after lockdown

One of the top searched questions this year relating to art is 'when can art galleries open?' 

2020 and 2021 have been difficult for all but especially so for those in retail. Art galleries at the time of me writing this post are open again and are doing their best to showcase and sell artwork by talented artists from all walks of life. 

It is no secret that the arts and entertainment industry suffered during lockdowm. There were many stories covered in main stream media that highlighted the various issues facing artists as individuals and galleries too. I also found many blogs and posts on social media that talked about the struggles that those in the arts industry faced, one of the biggest things i found outside of the obvious financial struggle was the impact it had on mental health for many. 

Art galleries are back open now alongside non essential retail shops, restaurants and cafes. Now is a great time for you to go visit your local shops and businesses and also to take a look in your local art galleries. Even if you are not a big art follower you'll often find beautiful greetings cards prints of artworks that will be perfect to sending to friends and familys. Every little helps when it comes to the sales of artwork in most small independent art galleries. 

So if you were one of those asking When can art galleries open? then the answer is now! Head on down to your local art gallery and show your support.