My latest card designs and arty updates


Have you seen my latest card designs listed on Lovefromtheartist? I finally got round to uploading some of my artworks and editing them into card designs. They are now available in store and via the above link. 

I've been struggling to get time to paint new pieces recently which is strange considering i haven't had work for the past few months with my shop being shut (due to government restrictions). I've had the children home for most of the time and obviously i'm in the final year of my MA so I've been spending a lot of time studying. 

Today my shop has reopened and i will hopefully be inspired to get painting again during quieter spells. It is hard not to want to paint when you are surrounded by art and craft supplies! 

It's been lovely to see customers face to face again, i'm hearing that many of you have been having a lovely time getting creative at home during lockdown. Do feel free to share links to your art in the comments, i'd love to take a look at your work.