Giving up my art studio - April 2021


The photo above is of some 'Honesty' flowers that i grew from seed last year, these have come back this year in full bloom looking stunning. They make a great cut flower and the bees love them. You can read about my gardening journey over on my other blog Tomatoes and Tulips

This year i have chosen to give up my conservatory art studio with a view to using the whole conservatory as a greenhouse to grow more flowers and edibles. I had originally planned to move my studio indoors for 2021 and rent out my beautiful conservatory space to other local artists for them to enjoy (i had quite a few people express an interest to book monthly slots) but with the on-going situation it just didn't seem like a sensible option so instead i'll be using it for another one of my passions, gardening.  I've always loved to grow plants both decorative and edible and much of my artwork is inspired by florals. This year i will be spending much more time enjoying my gardening hobby both outside in my small garden and at my little allotment and now also in my conservatory greenhouse. 

I won't be giving up on art, i'll just be taking a break from it as a full time role in my life and doing less of it over the year. I've moved my art desk into the shop so i can work on projects whilst working daily in the shop, i just won't spend as much of my free time painting as i used to. The past year has played on my mind a lot, as i'm sure it has many of you, it's left me with lots of big decisions to make going forward and the best place for me to try and relax my mind and consider then is in the garden surrounded by plants. 

Some of my regulars have asked if i will be running art sessions again soon. I am looking at restarting them again soon when government advice allows though i will only be doing one to one sessions, no more large workshops. I've moved the shop around at 30 Queen Street and removed the large workshops tables. I have a smaller space now that i can put up tables when required to run one to one sessions. If you'd like to find out more about the sessions i offer you can read about them here

My artwork will continue to be on display at 30 Queen Street and i will still sell cards / prints too, both online here and in store. Thank you all for the support through 2020 with the sale of originals, prints and cards, i'm very grateful to each and every one of my customers for their continued support. I still hope to release a few new card designs in the coming months, I've got a few pieces that are nearly finished and will likely become cards soon. 

I hope you are all keeping well, much love Kerri-Ann x