Acrylic Experimenting - Purple & Blue Blooms

 Acrylic Experimenting - Purple & Blue Blooms

(Originally posted on my first blog in March 2019) 

This weekend I took some time to experiment with acrylic, not a medium I work in very often but I do enjoy practicing. 

The top piece was my favourite, I began with the central blooms but then repeated the design around the outside. I really love the composition of this and I will be working with this style going forward to refine it and see what I can create. 

The above piece I started with a very abstract background that had swirls of purple and blue. This the lead to swirl blooms and so I added leaves and buds. I don't think this piece is quite finished yet as i need to add another layer to the blooms. 

This piece began again with an abstract background, I then added leaves to the bottom corner which lead on to deeper purple blooms.

I enjoyed the process of working on these small canvases. Working with acrylic is very different to Watercolor in that each layer takes much longer to dry so I tend to have lots of different pieces on the go at once.