Keep your artwork, even your practice pieces


Today i met a lovely young lady on her art journey who mentioned that when she is unhappy with her art work she rips it up and puts it in the bin. This reminded me of something i learnt many years ago whilst at the start of my journey. 

Never bin your artwork. Keep as much of it as you can, even the pieces you are not happy with. You never know, it may be just the inspiration you need for a project in many years to come. 

I often create pieces that i call 'practice' pieces that i wouldn't use for prints / cards or to frame and don't want to keep in my display sketch books so i cut them out and store them away. In the future they may prove useful. Not only for inspiration but to see in later years how far i've come and how much my skills in particular art styles have developed. 

So i thought i would do a quick blog to remind you all, whatever stage of your art journey that you are on, don't bin your artwork. Keep it if you can. Put it in a folder and store it away somewhere so that you can look back on it in the future. Even if you think it is terrible (which the self critical of us often think!) keep it. Please. If 3 or 4yrs down the line you go back through your folder and still feel that it is of no use as inspiration or progression example then you have my permission to bin it but i bet once you get into this routine you'll thank me!