Giotto Watercolour Pencils Showcase & Review

These watercolour pencils are actually my sons, they came in a Ready Steady Paint subscription box that he gets monthly.

I did a video review of them over on my Youtube which you can watch here below:

As you'll notice there is no sound, this is because there was an issue with the sound part way through so i removed it. The video does still showcase these pencils and what they can do.

Over all i think the pencils worked really well. The colours were vibrant and the pigment quality was good. A great selection of colours was in this 12 set. I was able to move the colour around with my brush and even after it had been down on the paper for a while.

The pencils worked well onto wet as well as onto dry which i was really impressed with.

I'd certainly say that for their price they are well worth purchasing

Purchase these pencils here