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Talks & Presentations

As an artist and academic one of my passions is talking about and discussing the arts and philosophy. Having owned my art shop now for over 10 years I've spent a lot of time discussing different art styles, theories, art history, modern art trends and the philosophy of aesthetics with my customers. This led me to becoming a speaker as well as demonstrator and I now enjoy visiting schools, art societies, nursing homes and clubs where I talk about a variety of subjects.

Recent talk topics: 

Art & Well being: How the use of art can positively effect human wellbring 

Selling Art: A talk about how to sell your artwork via different platforms 

Getting into art: How to jump into the work of art, how to choose what supplies to start with and how to get started. 

Art and Emotions: The link between visual art and emotions 

Aesthetics & Community: A look at how aesthetics within a town can affect those living within it. 

What is Beauty?: How upbringing and ones status within society can effect their view of 'beauty' and what is 'beautiful' 

Nature and Greenspaces: A look at the difference between nature in its untouched natural sense and nature within man made greenspaces 

If you would like to discuss hiring me to attend your venue or event to give a talk on something related to the art industry, craft industry or philosophy please get in touch with me via email to to discuss topics and fees.